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Sarah Grose

I LOVE Disney! My first trip to Walt Disney World Resort was at four years old, and I have never been the same since! Of all the memories I have of the parks, my favorite is walking into Magic Kingdom for the first time with my husband and all three of my children. It was a dream come true! I am excited to help make your magical Disney dreams come true through MickeyTravels! I have helped many people plan their Disney vacation, and they trust my knowledge and expertise of all things Disney. Everyone needs to take a Disney vacation in their lifetime; I promise it won’t be your only trip! Have you dreamed of a Disney vacation, but was unsure of where to start? Do you long to return to your favorite Disney destination, but dread the planning process? Let me help! Together, we can plan the perfect Disney vacation for you! Planning will be no stress for you and my services are always FREE! Contact me, so we can start talking Disney!

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  1. Read Novels says:

    One of my female friends loved the movie but pointed out she didn’t relate to Mei much because she was never boy-crazy as a teen. I wasn’t into that sort of thing either as a teen; Mei and I were very different girls, but I related to her struggle of accepting individuality and fretting about parental approval. My parents weren’t overly protective, just had loving support that I could do anything if I wanted to—so when things fell apart or didn’t go to plan, I felt like a failure to them. It’s not the same experience, but watching this movie made me cry and think about those insecurities.

    And oh, I sure love listening to a constantly pandered-to group whining that the main character wasn’t relatable. I don’t relate to male power fantasies, but I don’t cry on Twitter that the bulk of media doesn’t serve me.