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Lucasfilm To Host Pavilion At D23

The Lucasfilm Pavilion Will Feature The Manadalorian, Stormtroopers, Galaxy of Adventures This summer, Star Wars fans will enjoy another rendezvous point in California. On July 11, Lucasfilm announced that the company would host a...


Daisy Ridley Discusses Her Impact

It’s been several years coming, but I am going to put this right out there. Star Wars actor Daisy Ridley’s character of “Rey” exists alongside Mark Hamill’s “Luke Skywalker” as my most favorite in...

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Marvel: More About Mysterio

[Spoilers For Spider-Man: Far From Home Ahead] In many ways, Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio stole the show in Spider-Man: Far From Home. But beyond Gyllenhaal’s formidable acting skills, a whole team of folks — behind...