Dear Disney: Please Reconsider…

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16 Responses

  1. I too, believe the afore mentioned comments about Disneys Magical Express bus transportation! It has made a Disney Vacation more carefree. ” Get on the Bus”, it will take you to you resort hotel! You can’t get easier than that! Everything else is taken care of! Please don’t discontinue this! In a year 2022, I will be making reservations to take my grandson on his First Disney World vacation!

  2. Brenda Fowler says:

    Beautiful !!!!!!! Amen !!!!!!! You have very eloquently said what we all feel !

  3. Cheryl Rawson says:

    We love the Magical Express as we travel with three youngsters and a handicapped adult!! However our experience last March 1 left me disenchanted. The bus dropped us off with no indication of where we needed to go. Signage was sparse to find our own way. It was very early in the am and airport personnel were no existent. At 60 and 71 my husband and I were nearly exhausted by the time we hiked the distance with luggage in tow. Disney should have prepared us rather than dump us. I will seriously consider driving when we go in October in 2022. It was an awful way to say goodbye. It was made worse by 3 of us needing to stop at Med Express before reaching home. We brought some Florida home with us and it wasn’t sunshine

  4. Jo Ann Donahue says:

    I am 70 years old and enjoy going to Disney World at least once if not twice a year. My adult children go even more often. I rely on the Magical Express to get me to and from the airport. Do you realize the ramifications that doing away with it will do to senior citizens and adults traveling with children. in 2022 they will have to get luggage, carry said luggage find a ride to their hotel all the while waiting for said ride. Also Mears charges per person so if you are a parent with several children you have to pay for each and everyone of these. Also senior citizens are on a fixed income and therefore every penny counts. What Disney is doing will cost them a lot of money. People won’t have as much to spend at the parks and retail stores, if they have to now budget in cost of transportation. I feel that they should keep the Magical Express and still give us that ride to and from the hotel. I feel that Walt Disney himself would agree with this; he wanted everyone to come and enjoy Disney World. With these changes I feel more people would stay home rather than incur these new expenses.

  5. Ralph says:

    1. We don’t like eating only at Disney restaurants. There are a multitude of eating establishments around Orlando to chose from.
    2. With smart phones, it is easy to navigate. In 2008, we used a GPS only box and never once cracked open a paper map.
    3. As for losing business in 2022, that’s doubtful given the attendance now. If people are willing to risk during a pandemic, they will reach capacity in 2022.

  6. Doc says:

    Completely agree. One of the biggest reasons we chose to visit Disney on a semi-regular basis is for experiences such as these, where you get to sit back and not worry about carrying luggage around, arranging transportation, etc. There is a big price tag that comes with these trips, but small, simple experiences like these justify it to me. Doing away with “little things” such as the Magical Express will definitely make me reconsider shelling out for this trip.

  7. Stephanus Botes says:

    Could not agree more!!
    AMEN to every word written in this piece!!

  8. GrumpyTom says:

    I totally agree. I might stop visiting The Magic Kingdom because of this decision.

  9. Mike Powell says:

    Is Disney tired of being the most magical place? Apparently! My wife and I have reservations for December 2021. The whole Disney experience starts at the airport in our home town through the magic of Disney and the Magical Express. We go to the airport and its all Disney until we return. Now, it seems since its just another flight and Disney doesn’t care about you at the airport, perhaps we should look into the many other them parks in the area.

  10. Michael says:

    WDW will not see my 16 member family anytime soon. We went there every four years at great expense. Now They incrementally priced themselves out of my vacation budget. Park fees, on-site resort prices, resort overnight parking and now Magical Express. No Magic from corporate headquarters.

  11. Karen says:

    I completely agree!! Our Son-in-law is not as big a Disney fan as the rest of us but he absolutely loves the Magical Express!! He wouldn’t even consider us picking them up from the airport because the Magical Express was the very beginning of the excitement for him from his first visit!! I fear what his attitude will be about future visits if he finds out it has been discontinued! Please, please Disney Executives reconsider this bad, bad mistake! You are taking too many things away, making things too expensive, and too hard!! When I saw this announcement yesterday I thought Well this may be it! This may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Please don’t let it be!! Reconsider!!!

  12. Amanda Rhodes says:

    I agree with you Mickeyblog. I was planning on going to Walt Disney World in 2023 2024. But without magical express it will make it that much harder. I remember the magical express well having gone there in 2000 2001 2007-2008. I will miss this service if they get rid of it. My husband whom I married 2 years ago has never been on the magical express and was looking forward to it. So please Disney as a life long fan of everything Disney please reconsider.

  13. D Thorne says:

    I agree. This would be such a bad idea to cancel Express service. It was so nice to have that service. I think Walt would be upset to remove this for the people who keep Disney going. With all the changes to Disney (and not just due to Covid) I’m losing the magic of Disney and my desire to ever go back. I ask Disney to think very carefully before you make this dire mistake.

  14. Kim says:

    This will also increase traffic and parking at the resorts. Let’s not forget having to pay to park if u rent a car. Disney please reconsider keeping the Magical Express.

  15. Janet Jo Parrell says:

    I totally agree with this statement! The Magic Express is an awesome way to get to the hotels and not have to worry about one more thing to align for the trip! It is great that it is minimal cost and you can rest from a long flight day and get excited to get to the park. Please reconsider the Magic Express!

  16. Kay says:

    I agree with your article. I feel the same way exactly!