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Magic Kingdom

MickeyBlog News for June 26th, 2023

Disney Genie+ is changing…again. Also, we know a little more about San Fransokyo and Rogers: The Musical. Let’s talk shop in the latest MickeyBlog News! Disney Genie+ Adapts to Gain More Customers Walt Disney...

Magic Kingdom

Disney Headlines for June 21st, 2023

This week in Headlines: we talk about confused firefighters, favorable Disney polls, and an Elemental question. Disney has experienced another odd week. Let’s talk through the weirdness. Frog Meets Scorpion “Politics makes strange bedfellows.”...


MickeyBlog News for June 19th, 2023

As I type this, the temperature is 86 degrees. Now seems like a good time to talk about December at Disney, right? We’ll embrace the fact that we’re halfway to the holidays in this...