Disney’s ‘Wish’ Struggles During Thanksgiving Week

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1 Response

  1. Aeryn says:

    The writing style was very very young compared to Moana, Encanto, Tangled, either of the Frozens.

    Those movies were written so anyone could love them and they had big crossover appeal, but I think wish left the older fans in the dust a bit to appeal just to little kids for this one.

    The style of the script overly explained everything to you like you’re four, they put tons of things in the dialogue that we just saw happen that didn’t need to be in the script, it really overly held your hand in a way that made it come off as being for a super young audience.

    Even the songs were often very simple. I’m still listening to some of them, but that I’m a Star song made me feel like I was in kindergarten music circle, when normally the music rivals Broadway.