How Disney Might Replace the Galactic Starcruiser

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2 Responses

  1. Ed Hinton says:

    This article has a couple incorrect premises to it. Addressing the latter one first, this was never “at its core” a hotel. It was an immersive adventure that you just happem to have a place to take some short sleep periods.

    But the big misconception in this and other articles is that the principle cast were expensive. The advertized rates on the audition notices were under $19/hour. They were present 8 hours each day from around 3PM to before 11PM. Add a couple hours for makeup and costuming and call it 20 hours per voyage. Exagerating upwards to include the stormtroppers and there were roughly a dozen principle cast. The math comes out to a total principle cast cost of about $4500 per voyage. Call it $6000 per voyage to count tax amd benefits overhead and that means a single cabin paid for the entire principle cast. Removing them doesn’t do much to change the cost of the star cruiser operations.

    • David Mumpower says:

      Hi Ed. Thank you for the thoughtful feedback. I’m not joking when I say that I’ve spent endless hours trying to crack the math on Galactic Starcruiser. In speaking with people involved and researching other published reports on this data, a recurring theme is the unusually high staffing expenses. I didn’t go into detail in this piece since it’s a side issue, but something to keep in mind here is that you’re saying “a dozen principle cast.” For a hotel with 100 rooms, we’re talking about 250 occupants on many dates. Factoring in multiple shifts and regular staff like housekeeping and restaurant workers, Disney is employing a disproportionately large number of workers relative to guests. It adds up, even with the guests paying a higher rate. A replacement location will need to cut staffing expenses somehow.