Empty Magic Kingdom on Memorial Day, but No Park Pass Availability?

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17 Responses

  1. Vickie says:

    What is up with the park pass? Why is this required now…never had it in the past and things worked great? Things are getting back to normal and it’s not needed anymore.

    • Tori Carle says:

      Disney hasn’t said if or when they will remove the park passes. Initially, they used them for managing limited capacity park attendance. We haven’t heard why they are keeping it.

      • Sean says:

        They actually have said why they are keeping it and said it isn’t going anywhere. This is the new standard. Bob Chapek commented on this just a couple weeks ago on an investors call. He said it helps them manage costs better and staff accordingly, in short. They also said in keeping better management of attendence, it allows them to provide a more enjoyable guest experience by limiting number of guests. This system has exceeded their expectations, so they’re stickin to it.

      • MagicalStreams says:

        Cast Member here, Disney will not get rid of it, unless guests start expressing their displeasure by taking their money elsewhere. Disney learned that they could micro manage their payroll cost by only letting a certain number of guests in

      • Garrett says:

        They announced a couple weeks ago that it isn’t going away

  2. Brittany says:

    We were in Magic Kingdom this morning and it was packed. We chose to leave around 2 to get some breathing room.

  3. Snoopy says:

    I’m confused why the pictures here show the park so empty, but I just saw an article over on ITM with pictures of insane crowd level for the same time period. Which is accurate?

  4. Silentwidow says:

    Really? You can’t figure out why? With how much negative press they are behind it’s no wonder it’s empty

  5. Carolyn says:

    Could this be related to all the flight cancellations this past weekend?

  6. TacoCat says:

    Universal and SeaWorld don’t have park reservations. They are getting along just fine. Why is Disney still requiring them?

    • Tori Carle says:

      Two others shared their insights that boil down to being able to manage payroll by managing park crowds. They also believe their guests are having a more enjoyable experience when crowds are managed like they are with Park Pass Reservations.

  7. cathy says:

    I was there. it was so crowded it was ridiculous. so many people…and so hot too.

  8. Kay says:

    This article is not accurate. I was in MK yesterday and it was packed!! There were long lines for everything. It was difficult to walk anywhere by 10am. We ended up leaving to sit at the pool and stacked our LL’s for the evening and went back

  9. Scott says:

    I guess they are finding out what “WOKE” does to your business. Lol poor Walt Disney is rolling over in his grave. Have giving up entirely on taking my family there