Zach Riddley Shares How Imagineers are Looking To The Past To Create The EPCOT of the Future

Melissa Roden

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1 Response

  1. Ken Brenner says:

    Hi. While I might not always agree with your thoughts on WDW, we both agree we LOVE that place, and are thankful for it. And, I appreciate your efforts on this blog in general! RE: Epcot. It is my favorite park by far (of course, I’m 68 so that might be expected). I also love Magic Kingdom. But my “happy place” is Dolphin Hotel, Crescent Lake area, and Epcot. With that said, I am concerned about the direction of management’s plans for Epcot. Examples: Norway changing Maelstrom to Frozen, France changing the movie “Impressions de France” to only be at night and having a sing-along during most of the day.
    Frozen should have been in one of the other parks. And, they’ve spent a fortune adding two big rides which are off of the original Epcot theme. I welcome your thoughts via my email address below. Thanks!