Disney Parks Update Policies – Ban Stroller Wagons and Smoking Among Other Changes

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15 Responses

  1. Dena Griffith says:

    I am very pleased with the smoke free park change. Does this include vaping also, I hope so.
    I don’t think the wagon removal is that good because families with a 4yr old and a 3yr old have it easier using a wagon instead of a stroller.
    I will say that a change adding a passholder line at some of the busy rides in the area would be great, and maybe a free passholder lounge like SeaWorld has would also be great.
    We were there over this past week and we didn’t see many places to sit out of the sun and that would be nice for the older and disabled people who attended the park.

    Again thank you for making the parks smoke free

  2. Diana says:

    Would frozen water bottles be allowed?

  3. Sandy says:

    Not liking the smoking ban ? All of the smoking areas were conveniently located but yet out of the way of the public. Most locations were great for those of us who aren’t “riders” and could take in a smoke break while waiting for family members to come off a ride…. Not to mention we need to remember that we are OUTSIDE!
    Ticket prices are already rising causing many to deter from these parks, now this! Have to smoke outside the park…..wont go in the park.
    Will say kudos to the wagons and stroller policy tho….my feet and ankles thank you.

  4. Shar says:

    All the changes are great. I was just there and know these changes will be very helpful

  5. Suzanne says:

    Usually go to Disney world every year. Won’t be going back.

  6. Vickie Varner says:

    I really hate that Disney is no longer going to allow the stroller wagons. We used one last June for my 5 year old grandson. It helped make our Disney Family vacation (10) do much more enjoyable. The stroller wagon allowed us to easily store and pack our cooler with snacks and drinks. Plus we used the topper on the wagon to help prevent my grandson from getting sunburn and to help keep him cooler. It is extremely hot natured. It also allowed him to nap comfortably and allowed us to keep moving. It was the best thing we purchased for our trip. I also hate that when visiting Disney especially during the summer months we can no longer use loose ice in our coolers . I can understand why the restrictions on the stroller wagons but don’t understand the restrictions on loose ice.

  7. Shannon Agner says:

    I am not a smoker but feel very bad for those who do. You have singled them out. Designated smoking areas have been around for years and hasnt bothered anyone. If you feel the need to take away that freedom then you should take away alcohol and food altogether. Maybe fat people shouldnt come either so there is more room for everyone to walk. These changes are hurtful and petty. Why ask for no wagons when it helps small sleeping children? I love disney. I am an annual passholder but if petty stuff continues I will rethink the whole thing.

  8. Tammy says:

    I think the new restrictions is definitely going to be an improvement, over the last few years we have noticed a huge craziness with the parks being crowded. Trying to maneuver around the oversized strollers along with motorized wheelchair/ scooter and regular used wheelchairs has been a challenge.
    I have always felt smokers should be somewhere other than in the parks.
    Kudos Disney ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Molly Ball says:

    Would like to know how you’re going to stop smoking in rest rooms, now that smoking won’t be allowed anywhere. As a non smoker, I’m really sensitive to cigarette smoke. If clandestine smokers clog the rest rooms with smoke, I’ll be so upset. You know that’s where they’ll smoke. We’ve even been walking behind a sneaky smoker who is concealing a cigarette in their hand. Stinky.
    A bigger pet peeve of mine is dogs. Now that everyone knows you can purchase a service dog coat for a dog, everyone brings their pet in for the day. Question one, where are these pets doing their business? Question two, why aren’t they stopped at the gate for proof that they are indeed service dogs? We saw a man and his family with three very unruly big dogs waiting in the handicap line at Mickeys Philharmagic. The man was in a scooter and the dogs were all racing around him, tangling leashes and roughhousing. There’s no way they were trained to be service dogs. Where’s the justice for folks who are allergic or afraid of dogs?

  10. Catherine Noles says:

    Have to draw the line somewhere! I see these changes as a plus , especially the end to smoking areas ( I’m a former smoker ) ! Wagons take up walking space so I can agree with the new changes . The ice shouldn’t be a big deal either since ice and water are available ( although I feel that Disney should provide way more water bottle refill stations) takes too long to ask for cups of water while trapsing inside restaurants or long lunes at kiosks!

  11. Loretta says:

    Smoke free is great, don’t understand the loose ice regulations as it makes no sense, select locations will have it but to get it you have to stand in line just for ice REALLY!! Limit on strollers size in my opinion is more about someone else making money. Why such outrageous price on food and drink make the prices more reasonable

  12. Kim says:

    I think the new rules are great. When around smoking I get sick, so thank you for making Disney a smoke free place.

  13. Robin McAndres says:

    Those of us who have had our ankles repeatedly slammed with strollers by mothers trying to force their way to the fronts of lines say thank you. Now how about banning kids under 10 to solve the rest of the stroller problem?

  14. Todd Tilley says:

    My family are passholders and have a young one who is almost three. We purchased a Keenz stroller wagon which is by all definitions of a stroller. Keenz went as far as to have it certified by as a stroller when they started building and selling it. It is smaller than most double strollers on the market and is well within the designated size limits for strollers. I honestly do not understand the ban on them since they are actually a stroller. This has been a life saver to us at the park and if this ban stands we will most likely not be purchasing season passes in the future.