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Central Florida Tourism Oversight District

Why Are People Quitting Rather Than Working with CFTOD?

The plot thickens with the former Reedy Creek Improvement District. After more than six months in charge, Florida Governor’s hand-picked board for the former district has struggled mightily. Now, an independent journalist has learned...


CNN Uncovers More Dirt on CFTOD Board Member

When Florida’s government forcefully claimed control of the Reedy Creek Improvement District, many expected an awkward transition period. What nobody could have anticipated is how much turmoil the board members themselves would cause. Yes,...

Disney DeSantis Republicans

Disney Throws a Purpose Pitch at Ron DeSantis

In the latest episode of As Disney World Turns, the lawyers play hardball, while a Delaware court favors the Mouse. Disney just threw a purpose pitch at Ron DeSantis. Here’s what just happened in...