Recent Disney Park Changes We Like

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1 Response

  1. Jill says:

    We disagree immensely with your theory about fast passes, with the old system, at least you know if you are paying over $100 per park ticket, that you will get on your three favorite rides without having to stand in crazy long lines! You were guaranteed that peace of mind of knowing your favorite rides were a given. We are here this week and it seems almost as if the parks are at full capacity, we haven’t seen crowds in lines like this since coming on the Fourth of July in 2016! Even at that time we were able to get on the rides we wanted, thanks to the fast pass system. Wait times are crazy long. Parks are more than crowded, and lines are visible wrapping around entire sections of parks.

    Additionally, advanced dining reservations also guaranteed that you wouldn’t have to wait forever for your reservation, and you were at least guaranteed to eat at the restaurant of your choice! Many guests have favorite restaurants, that they enjoy making return visits to when they come back to the parks, or Disney property. Very surprised at some of your thinking on why these are “positive” changes! They are not. Having the opportunity to plan ahead for your family, was a luxury and most appreciated thus! It added to the Disney experience of looking forward to certain parts of your trip, certain rides that you would be guaranteed to not wait over an hour (or more!)for, and therefore waste valuable park time waiting in lines. We have been coming here for 20 years and can honestly say this was our worst trip yet with these changes. They are adding more and more people daily to these parks, it seems as the limited capacity has gone away in the last two weeks. With no addition of fast passes, it makes it quite miserable. Spending so much money on a ticket to get into a park and the spending more than half of your day standing in lines is beyond maddening. Never has it been that way in the past, with the fast pass system.

    Pin trading is almost nonexistent, unless you have to find and seek out cast members or pin boards which are few and far between. Social distancing is there excuse… but that doesn’t make sense, because herds of guests are packed into lines of more than hundreds at a time neck to neck, not distance, without masks. So how was pin trading different? They still won’t offer the old pin trading experience. It’s not the same Disney it used to be, and it is NOT for the better. We are DVC owners, and have been totally disappointed for the first time in 20 years.