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NEW: Titanic Pins Drop at ShopDisney

If you’ve been following along with MickeyBlog, you may have seen our post yesterday about new Titanic 25th Anniversary merchandise that has cropped up at shopDisney.  Today, we noticed that Titanic themed pins were...

Frozen Titanic

One Fan Spots the Ultimate Frozen Easter Egg

One TikTok user believes they have found the ultimate Titanic Easter egg in Disney’s Frozen. Chloe Hutchon (@chloehutchonn) was watching the 1997 epic with her grandmother over the holidays, when she saw something he...

David Warner

Emmy-Winner David Warner Passes Away at 80

British actor David Warner pass away yesterday, just a few days shy of is 81st birthday. You might not know Warner’s name, but you will likely recognize his face. The actor has 228 acting...