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Michael Eisner

Eisner Congratulates Iger And Chapek

Michael Eisner seems to enjoy being the “elder Mouse-man” Over the last few months, the former CEO enjoyed a bit of a Renaissance (of his reputation) thanks to the inclusion of his collaboration with...


Two New Marvel Shows In Development?

Earlier this week, during Disney’s quarterly earnings call, CEO Bob Iger dropped a bit of a bomb on Marvel fans. ScreenRant’s James Hunt reported: Iger referred to seven Marvel series being in various stages of...

Oprah Bob Iger

Disney CEO Bob Iger’s Organizational Tips

You’ve heard the stories about Bob Iger’s killer routine; the early morning workouts. The meetings. The late-night script-reading and pilot-watching binges. The entire process seems too intense to fathom. Even for Oprah. OPRAH! Iger’s...