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Disney Bedtime Hotline

Disney Headlines for August 29th, 2021

This week, Disney contemplates gambling, while Kim Possible laments her finances. Also, Target and Disney deepen their commitment, while Disney+ gets better. We’ve got some fun stuff in this week’s Disney Headlines. What’s Up...


ESPN Mulls Deal with Online Gambling Titans

With an incredible surge in online sports gambling over the past year and a half, it comes as no surprise that ESPN, a Walt Disney Comany-owned network, is pursuing a licensing agreement with one...

Espn, Chapek

Bob Chapek Finally Visits ESPN

Bob Heads to Bristol This trip was supposed to happen back in early 2020. However, the world had other ideas. SO, now, 14 months later, it’s “Game on!” ESPNFrontRow.com posted: Thursday, the Walt Disney...