Am I Wrong about This Disney Advice?

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1 Response

  1. Randy W says:

    Huh I never thought about the whole splash mountain/Kali Rapids thing, but that makes sense. I might push that to later in the day to maximize our memory maker library of good pictures. =D

    I think it’s still sound advice if you haven’t been to WDW before, especially adv reservations and having a full plan going into the parks. To be a realist, you have to choose the top 6-8 MUST DO rides for your group, and fill the rest in between. I think that’s where Genie+ helps out ( mind you I prefer the old free FP like everyone else!)

    If you’ve been to the parks and experienced all the rides at least twice, then I think you can have a more nonchalant day, same goes for the adv dining. If you’ve experienced the big ticket dining options and are flexible to what you eat, then you could totally wing it. But if you’re new to WDW, you definitely want to plan months ahead.

    We’re going back to WDW for the first time since 2019 next month, and my wife already has every booth and menu item we want to try mapped out for Food and Wine Festival. =P