Nothing changes for fully-vaccinated French citizens.  However, unvaccinated individuals may not eat out, attend cultural events or travel long-distance.  

Disneyland Paris

Theme parks require the new pass, as well.  Hence, the pass impacts travel plans for Disneyland Paris.   

Exceptions include:

  • Children (ages 12-16) must use a Health Pass; therefore, a negative COVID-19 test updates their requirements. 
  • Unvaccinated individuals may use long-distance buses and trains (and planes) for an “imperative reason of a family or health nature.”  Therefore, a negative test result is allowed for emergencies.  
  • Doctors may exempt people from required vaccinations. 
disneyland paris

Photot: Disneyland Paris

Visitors to France

So, this new French COVID-19 requirement complicates travelers for those out of the country, since their vaccination status may not be valid in France.  Here are the specifics.  

Crush Coaster Dip

Photo: Disneyland Paris

Anyone vaccinated with a WHO-approved vaccine, but not an EMA-approved vaccine must have at least one EMA-approved dose.  Then, they obtain the Vaccine Pass.  

Disneyland Paris

Photo: Disney

The United Kingdom and the United States travelers can show their vaccination status in the NHS app.  Then, they go to French pharmacies to convert their vaccination certificates.  

Disneyland Paris

Photo: Disneyland Paris

Foreign travelers show a vaccination certificate from any country.  At this time, the pass does not require boosters, but that will likely change.  

Disneyland Paris

Photo: Disneyland Paris

Also, France may require all travelers from a non-EU country to present a negative COVID-19 test result.  This stands even for vaccinated individuals.  

Disneyland Paris


Continuous Updates

So, MickeyBlog continues to keep you updated on all Disney travel news.  Other areas continue to update their travel requirements, along with the new French COVID-19 information, so stay connected!

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