Woman Falls Into Seven Seas Lagoon from Ferry Boat at Walt Disney World

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1 Response

  1. Susan Byram says:

    You got a really work to get out of that boat or fall out of those windows. There’s all kinds of signs that say do not lean on or sit on Windows do not hang out of the windows she must have done this on purpose. This is the lake it’s adjacent to the hotel where the little boy was bitten by an alligator. There are all kinds of things crawling in that water because it is Florida after all and it was built in the Everglades. I can’t believe people are so stupid that they have to run the the day for everybody else that’s a very popular way to go to and from the Magic Kingdom he gives you a long time to watch the kingdom leave or come to you as your writing. I feel sorry for the people that work kept from that experience because of somebody Silly actions. Hope she’s okay