13 Things That Are Banned at Walt Disney World

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2 Responses

  1. Photography and videography is not a kind of flash photography. The reason you can’t use flash photography is that it’s too bright. It can temporarily blind people including ride controllers/drivers. Also if it doesn’t do that it over lights the scene and can take from the magic. Unless you are told no photography and videography you can do as you please. The only times you will be told to not do those for the most part will be on ride break downs etc where you will see behind the scenes. The same goes for the tours that go behind the scenes.

  2. Mike says:

    Martin Cunningham is right. Using your phone to shoot photos or video — with the flash off — is NOT “flash photography.” Using a flash is flash photography, which should be obvious to anyone with at least a fourth-grade education. The flash is distracting to fellow guests. It can ruin the experience in dark rides. It can be very dangerous to performers, as it can temporarily blind them.

    But you can shoot all the non-flash photos you want with your phone as long as Disney hasn’t made an announcement prohibiting all photography. Please don’t spread false information by telling people they can’t do this.