A Look at Disney’s Skyliner Travel Times

Megan Nugent

Megan is a mother to "twin-cesses" and a wife to a self-proclaimed, turkey leg aficionado. She spends her time enjoying Disney adventures with her family as well as planning them for others. When in Disney, you can usually spot her hitching a ride in a doom buggy.

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5 Responses

  1. Dean Kastelic says:

    I think a lot depends on itineraries, how long a wait to get on the skylines, if your in a hurry take the bus if u feel better times wise I think either way it’s what u see that you won’t see on a bus. I will ride it either or. Like I say what’s in your intinariy .

  2. Dean Kastelic says:

    Thanks MB,like you said its approximate time but if u think about it you get a sit down on the skyline not stand ( I hope) for 12 or longer as on a bus,I myself have trouble standing for a lengthy time, I’m 67 I can still get around good but with bad knees its tough standing, i hate standing. I hate standing n an overcrowded bus it’s hard standing still while moving. Thanks for the info

    • Hi Dean! I agree- standing in an overcrowded bus is no fun! I’m excited to see how things change once the Skyliner opens. Hopefully, it’s a much-needed reprieve for many of us.

  3. shelly moe says:

    I don’t see anything in your article about not having to wait for the bus. This can be a 0-20 + minute wait that, hopefully, we won’t have with the gondola. When you factor that in, the gondola wins from every resort.

    • Hi Shelly! We are comparing travel times- not wait times. You never know what the lines will look like at the Skyliner or when the next bus is arriving at the resort as you mentioned. For example, if lines are long for the Skyliner and a bus just arrives with no one in line for it, I personally would still take the bus. It will be interesting to see how everything plays out once it opens!