Analyzing the Current State of Disney’s Monorail System

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8 Responses

  1. Anthony MANGIARACINA says:

    The monorail needs an update I love the monorail but it scares me sometimes the tracks need major repairs

  2. Betty says:

    YES. Last time I was there, there were about 8 of us running up the ramp at Epcot, yelling hold on. We got to the ropes and they shut the doors in our faces. Said another one would be along in 15 min as we watched the half full monorail move away. Ok. We waited, over 20 minutes. That next one was packed, standing room only. GRRR. BUT that wasn’t the worst. We got to MK and the doors wouldn’t open. 15 more minutes sitting in an overcrowded monorail. We missed what we wanted to see at MK. It was all in all a less than stellar WDW trip. Not in any hurry to get back. For what they charge, they should be more interested in keeping up repairs and less on changing all the classic rides. JMHO

  3. Barbara Keene says:

    I think one car should be replace. The problem is everything shut down when last show of lights, etc. The transportation need to start earlier.. The boat only fit some many at the dock. There need to be more option to get back to hotels. Maybe a bike the vans.

  4. David Volker says:

    In 2003 my family stayed at the poly and coming back from MK the monorail stopped opens its doors my 7 year old daughter jumped out and the door closed leaving the rest of us in the monorail car. Door reopen in about 2 minutes just before i popped the emergency escape window but scared my daughter and took a long time to consoler her. After that we made sure a parent went firts then my 2 kids and a parent to prevent this from happening again. Imagine if the monorail had pulled away….

  5. Rob Schmidt says:

    Was at epcot and magic kingdom in January and monorail line was a joke. Line from magic kingdom all the way down ramp at 7 oclock and took forever to get aboard…unacceptable for sure. Also bags checked at transpotation center then again at epcot..twice in 30 minutes..more lines

  6. Yvette says:

    They really should CLEAN them better. It smells terrible in the Monorail cars. Reminds me of circus manure! ?
    The castmembers always try to do their best to help us.

  7. Betty says:

    YES, my last trip there – met my son – we first of all had the cast members stop us before a half full train just as doors closed on the 8 guests who ran up the ramp. They told us the next one would be 10 minutes. 20 minutes later one showed up. It was PACKED to the gills. Then we get to the Transportation center and doors wouldn’t open. Another 10 minutes on a packed train. On top of a bunch of other incidents on that trip, we had enough of the mouse. All the problems made us miss what we wanted at MK. Is it just me or are the cast members more rude?

  8. Troy Laurienti says:

    The other thing to keep I mind is the required separation between trains…. it has been modified from what it was. If one train is held up ahead the one behind is also held up. It’s a chain reaction. I know we all think that the thousands we all spend there should make everything perfect. Well, it wont…. I feel some reworking is in order and any safety issues always addressed. But dont be so tough on them…. they are pulling off one hell of a show.