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Black Panther Movie 0

Black Panther Box Office News

Critics Love Black Panther Marvel’s Black Panther opened in theaters on Friday (well, Thursday evening), and it immediately became one of the most successful theatrical releases of the 2000s. Detailing the long list of...

Marvel Cinematic Universe 1

Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies Ranked 1-17

The 18th entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) debuts in theaters this weekend. As a long-time entertainment writer, I’ve covered all of them. As Black Panther prepares to dominate the box office with...

D23 Disney Japan 2018 0

Huge Japan D23 News Update

All Disney fans know about the D-23 Expo. It’s a biennial event wherein The Walt Disney Company unveils previously unknown details about impending projects. Generally, the focus is on their Parks & Resorts division,...