Epcot’s World Showcase: DestiNations Discovered

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8 Responses

  1. September 11, 2017

    […] suspect that Floridians comprise a lot of this attendance gap. People love hanging out at the World Showcase to enjoy some food and wine. That’s why Disney has upped the number of festivals to the point […]

  2. September 26, 2017

    […] of the “I Was There” merchandise. Figment has been at the park since the early days of Epcot and has delighted many guests throughout the years. This retro-inspired collection complements the […]

  3. December 11, 2017

    […] offer. With so many options to choose from, I’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 restaurants in Epcot’s World Showcase that will guarantee you a great […]

  4. December 28, 2017

    […] submersion by food and atmosphere to the absolute best place for character meet and greets, the World Showcase is a fun and relaxing walk around the world. Some of the best food across property lies within the […]

  5. February 12, 2018

    […] be blunt: Epcot has got the eats. The World Showcase is practically a foodie paradise, featuring restaurants and cuisines from far off lands begging to […]

  6. March 6, 2018

    […] crew working hard to set up the evening’s pyrotechnics for Illuminations? The panoramic view of World Showcase? Park guests enjoying their evening as they stroll through the Morocco Pavilion? For a great view […]

  7. March 26, 2018

    […] be correct! And if you answered with ‘you can hear them all at Epcot’, you’d be correct! Epcot’s World Showcase is known for its intercultural harmony and celebration of the nations that make up our world […]

  8. May 3, 2018

    […] never noticed before. I could easily spend an afternoon walking through the deepest parts of World Showcase or Harambe in search of the famous Disney touches that bring the story to life around you, and when […]

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