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Walt Disney career advice 9

The 9 Best Walt Disney Quotes Ever

There’s no doubt that Walt Disney, the famous creator of the Disney empire and Mickey Mouse himself, is a legend. From the way he expertly designed his theme parks to how he created opportunities...

Disney has a variety of fun summer movies 1

7 Summer-Inspired Disney Films

Summer is a whole new ballgame when you’re a parent. Instead of rooftop happy hours and impromptu beach trips, you’re researching sleep-away camps and how to keep your kiddo entertained all-day, every-day. One way...

Mufasa is one of the best Disney fathers 3

The Best Disney Fathers from Movies

Much like your own father (or the father you’re becoming), the dads in beloved Disney films are equal parts cheesy and kind-hearted. While your children tune-in to these many films, they probably see of...